Dec. 03, 2015
Another small bug fixed. If you encountered any artwork to be to small (below 600x600px) and want to help, please send a link either via twitter or the email address below. Thanks in advance!

Sep. 27, 2015
I found a solution! I hope it's one that works, their might still be some thumbnails that are the wrong size, if you feel compelled to help, you can send an email ( with the link to the page and I will see that it gets fixed as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!!

Sep. 26, 2015
Sorry for the outage, was re-doing some server configurations and found some problems, should be all good now though. For the site, because of Apple changing the way artwork is hosted, there might be some glitches, I’m trying to fix the problems that came with it. Thank you for your patience!

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